How to Become a Medical Billing Specialist

medical billing specialist

Steps to Becoming a Medical Billing Specialist

Medical billing specialists are in high demand but many people do not know how to become one. The best way to become a medical billing specialist is to become certified through a certification program or by obtaining a degree in the medical billing field. Training can be obtained online or at a vocational school that offers a medical billing certification or degree program.

In addition to formal training you can also work as a front desk receptionist in a medical office to gain experience and to get your foot in the door. Entry level positions can be found in your local job advertisement boards such as or

Once you are working in a medical practice remember to network with co-workers who are already medical billing specialists by asking them questions that will help you get new skills outside of secretarial duties.

Job Duties of a Medical Billing Specialist

The primary job function of medical billing specialists is to submit medical claims to the patients’ health insurance provider for payment of service.

Once the insurance company has approved the claim and the payment is returned to the office billing specialists apply the payment to the patients account. If a claim is denied by the insurance company medical billing specialists investigate the claim to check for accuracy and resubmit if needed.

Education and on the job training will teach you how to become an effective employee for any medical office. Entry level medical billing specialist salary begins at the national average of $10.04 hourly.

The more experience you have in this particular field the greater chance you will have to increase your earning potential and expand your career field opportunities. The national average for experienced medical billing specialist salary is over $14 hourly.

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