What Does a Patient Account Representative Do?

qualified patient account representative

Everyone will eventually meet up with a patient account representative if they go to a medical clinic or hospital. As a member of the health care team, they usually are busy working in the background, but their job is no less important to your overall medical care.

Responsibilities of the Patient Account Representative

The patient account representative is responsible for seeing that the patient’s account is kept up to date, especially where payments are concerned. If a problem arises, this is the person you will end up speaking with. The main part of their job involves collecting on past due accounts, and this requires developing a rapport with patients so that the line of communication is always kept open.

Patient account representatives are also responsible for setting up payment schedules, and monitoring them. They have other clerical and office duties usually associated with any busy office, filing, researching accounts and initiating collections of accounts. In a large office or hospital setting, billing may be automated, while in a small physicians office, billing would be done manually.

Patient Account Representative Salary Scale

In 2011,the median income for the patient account representative salary scale was $33,000 per year. Job growth is good for this position, based on predictions through the year 2020, 20 per cent job growth is anticipated. Entry level salaries are usually around $10.00 per hour to start. The top 10 per cent of workers in this field earn about $47,000 per year.

Educational Requirements for Patient Account Representatives

In most cases, the only educational requirement to start in this field is to have a high school diploma. Two years experience in medical collections or claim processing is also needed. A background in customer service or patient relations is a plus, too.

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