What is a Medical Biller?

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Whether you have always had an interest in working in the medical field or if you are seeking a career with potential and with security, working as a medical biller is an option that will allow you to work with others and patients on a daily basis.

Job Description for a Medical Biller

A medical biller is responsible for keeping track of patients, their billing schedules and many other financial records and documents for doctor’s offices and even hospitals, depending on their position and the location. To work as a biller in the medical industry, it is often required to have a high school diploma or equivalent and if you have past work history and experience in the medical field it will also help when you are applying for a new position.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Medical Biller

Billers working in the medical field are required to keep track of patient billing schedules and the amounts that are owed from each patient, whether it is to be covered by insurance, medicaid or even to be paid in cash. Billers help to also keep track of profit based on visits depending on their specific job duties and responsibilities given when hired in.

Medical billers are often also required to review various invoices and medical records periodically to help with balancing the financial books of an office or of a hospital, depending on the position taken. A biller helps to keep customer visits and bills in order while ensuring paperwork has been properly filled and filled out accurately each time a patient visits the office or hospital.

Medical Biller Salary

The medical biller salary varies with each employee based on where you work as well as your level of experience and the number of years you have been working in the industry. The median medical biller salary as of 2012 is approximately $33,737 annually.

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